Good Job

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Who says recycling doesn’t pay? I’m out at the local trash disposal sector by my area and I spot Naiomi Mae looking lost as hell. As I get in my car, she approaches it and asks how far Miami is. My pimp senses tingle and I proceed to ask her if she needs a ride, apparently she had got into an argument with her boyfriend. That’s when I knew getting into her pants was basically a guarantee. While I’m driving, Naiomi is spilling her guts out about how her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend and how much of an asshole he is, so I propose she’d do the same, cheat on that motherfucker and get payback! Little by little I’m convincing Naiomi and you can start to see a twinkle in her eye. By the time I arrive to my house, she’s almost sure she wants to fuck him over, and all it took was some cash for the final nudge. Naiomi was sucking my cock right on the spot in the driveway! I swear I love when couples fights!

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